Life Members

Life Members

Harry Dockerty was the first person to be honoured with Life Membership to the Victorian Amateur British Football Association (VABFA) in 1915. This was the precursor to the Victorian Soccer Federation (VSF) which assumed control of the sport in 1962, and what we now know as Football Victoria. Little is known of the life members who contributed to the sport during the period before World War II, but Football Victoria is working diligently on uncovering more about the volunteers who have been honoured for their service in establishing football in Victoria.

Football Victoria does not have a definitive list of Life Members, particularly those who were previously recognised or are now deceased, but is undertaking research from its own yearbook archives, the fantastic resources available on Trove, and back issues of Soccer News, Soccer Week, Soccer Action, ABSW and Goal Weekly which have been meticulously catalogued by historian Mark Boric.

Football Victoria's History and Heritage Coordinator, Tony Persoglia, has identified 215 people who have been honoured with Life Membership by the VABFA, VSF and Football Victoria. This list is by no means complete, nor is information available on every person listed. Any help in sourcing photographs, news clippings or any other information which can assist in writing their biographies can be sent to

Policy and Nomination

Nominations must be made in accordance with Rule 9 of the Constitution and Life Membership Policy. Specifically, clause 9.3 of the constitution provides that, 'Any Member or Director may nominate an individual for admission as a Life Member’, thus any person recommending a person for Life Membership should do so with the knowledge and approval of a current Director or Member. While Football Victoria will call for nominations each year, you can nominate an individual at any time. If you feel you know someone who may meet with the criteria outlined in the Life Membership policy below, complete the nomination form and forward any supporting documentation to

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