FV Inclusion Charter 

  1. We believe that sport is about fairness and equality, respect and dignity. Sport teaches individuals how to strive and succeed; how to cope with success and disappointment; and it brings people together with a common goal.
  2. We believe that everyone should be able to participate in, compete safely and enjoy all aspects of our sport –whoever they are, whatever their role and whatever their background or ability. This extends to our staff, participants, members, volunteers and supporters.
  3. We are committed to ensuring all people in football have the opportunity to participate safely in all forms of the game, and feel welcome in the team and club environment, through creating clubs that will actively promote inclusion through the ‘Inclusive Club’ guidelines.
  4. We will strive to make these values a reality for all participants regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, age, race, nationality, ethnic background, or disability. We will work together, and individually, to keep the sport free of discrimination in all forms.
  5. We will make football a safe and welcome place for everyone and we will challenge unacceptable behaviour. We will ensure there are procedures in place so that complaints and concerns can be raised and addressed professionally and sensitively.
  6. We will encourage fair and equal opportunities in every aspect of football for those with a physical or intellectual disability who aspire to be a player, coach, administrator, referee or manager. We will work with our clubs and stakeholders to deliver welcoming and accessible venues and facilities for all our participants.

Resources for clubs and coaches

AAA Development Guidance for Clubs

Football Victoria has created a simple and easy-to-read guide to assist clubs and associations with starting or growing an All Abilities or Disability-specific program. The guide is to be used in conjunction with other club and coach resources available, and also by talking to FV. For more information about how to use the guide or if you have any questions, contact Selin Arpaci - Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator  on 9474 1824 or email selin.arpaci@footballvictoria.com.au.

AAA Club Development Guidance - click here to download and view

Inclusive Sport Design

Top 10 tips for sports clubs - click here for infographic

Play By The Rules

Established by the Australian Sports Commission, Play By The Rules is an online resource designed to assist local communities with making sport safe, fair and inclusive.

Free Online Training - click here to register and complete free online training related to Child Protection, Harassment & Discrimination, Complaints Handling and Member Protection Information Officers.

Case Study: new participant with Disability. Click the link to view a practical example of how to support a new participant, seeking to start football at your local club.

Seven Pillars of Inclusion: Access, Attitude, Choice, Partnerships, Communication, Policy and Opportunities. For more information about the Seven Pillars of Inclusion as well as the Inclusion Toolkit from Play By The Rules, click here.

Club Toolkit: click the link to view a range of resources, including a template Disability Inclusion Policy.

Click Here for a Disability Inclusion Interactive Scenario activity.

Be Prepared! Sport and Active Recreation Program website

Developed by Latrobe University Lecturer Pam Kappelides, this website provides specific disability information for coaches and clubs, wishing to find more information to tailor the way they coach and develop programs for people of all ages with a Disability.


Scope - Disability Awareness Resources

These resources are available to enhance the knowledge of club and coaches providing participation opportunities for people with a Disability. The resources aim to enhance your existing programs and coaching techniques, and how you apply the CHANGE IT model in practice.

Scope Disability Engagement Program Workbook - click here to download

The Disability Act Fact Sheet - click here to download

Australian HRC Disability Discrimination Act Fact Sheet - click here to download

VEOHRC Disability Discrimination Fact Sheet - click here to download


Blind Football Resources

Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria have produced these resources below to assist all sporting clubs with providing a fulfilling experience for people with a vision impairment.

Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria - Guiding a person with a vision impairment: click here to download

Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria - FAQ's and Tips for coaching people with a vision impairment: click here to download


Centre for Multicultural Youth - Resources for clubs

The Centre for Multicultural Youth have developed the resources below to assist sporting clubs with providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for people from a variety of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. these resources are to enhance the way your club current runs programs or engages with their local community.

Game Plan Toolkit for Clubs - click here to download

Culturally Inclusive Planning Toolkit for Clubs - click here to download