Welcome to the Football Victoria family. 

At Football Victoria, we take immense pride in our match officials at all levels and want to support you on your journey.

Our local match officials are a living testament to the power of grassroots development. Starting from local pitches and community events, many have honed their skills, embraced challenges, and emerged as leaders on the world stage of football officiating.

You've made the first step by coming here! Please follow the instructions below to become a referee:


  1. Register your PlayFootball account as Learner Vic

    - If you have an existing play football account please register to Learner Vic and select Referee

  2. You will then receive access to Etrainu within 24 hours - CLICK HERE
  3. To login to Etrainu you will use your play football login.

    - The first course you must complete is the Laws of the Game ~ This is a prerequisite for all courses

  4. Once completed, you must enrol and complete the New Junior Match Official (Level 4) 


  1. You must complete ALL online learning modules prior to attending the practical session. 
  2. Once you have attended and completed your practical session, you will receive your uniform, referee equipment and start receiving referee appointments.

Please note, there is a minimum age of 13 to become a referee.

If you have any questions please contact:

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