About Us

Football Victoria (FV) is the governing body for football (soccer) in Victoria.

We are recognised as the organisation responsible for the administration, promotion and delivery of football and futsal (indoor football) in the state by both the State and Federal Governments, as well as Football Federation Australia (FFA). Our funding derives from membership and club affiliation fees, government grants and corporate sponsorship.

Through the national body's affiliation with FIFA (Federation of International Football Associations), we look after everything football in Victoria including:

  • semi-professional ranks
  • amateurs
  • women and girls
  • youth
  • referees
  • coaches
  • officials
  • volunteers

FV Organisation Chart


  • Unity - Victorian football stakeholders will work together to deliver a shared vision and purpose for the growth and health of the game.
  • Pride - We are proud of the organisation we work for and bring infectious enthusiasm in pursuit of our vision for football.
  • Integrity - The affairs of the FFV will be unconditionally embedded in honesty and fairness.
  • Respect - We will treat others the way we expect to be treated. We will also earn respect through becoming a positive and powerful force capable of delivering meaningful sport and social outcomes within the broader community.
  • Openness - We will engage and communicate transparently with the football family and listen with open-mindedness.
  • Performance - We will strive for service and business excellence off the field and inspired results on the field for Victorian clubs, players, coaches and referees.

We are a not for profit sporting organisation run by a Board of Directors, elected by football stakeholders made up of Zone Representatives and Standing Committees. We reinvest any money generated by the game in a financially prudent manner, prioritising in providing more coaching, education, facilities, support and participation opportunities to the community and our partners back to where it is needed most.

We currently employ over 50 staff to deliver administration of weekly football matches, producing annual football fixtures and appropriate rules of competition. Referees are also appointed to these matches to facilitate a safer and more enjoyable participation experience.

We also deliver education programs and resources to talented players, coaches, referees and club volunteers while promoting the game through various channels, keeping our members informed regularly through a dedicated communications program.


With the establishment of a stronger administrative foundation in recent years, Football Victoria (FV) has a renewed opportunity to steward the growth and development of football in Victoria.

As football participation rates nationally continue to grow exponentially, there is a need and, indeed, an obligation for the state’s governing body to ensure that the unprecedented interest in the game locally – at all levels – is supported and enabled.

Football Victoria has instilled four key priorities into its operations. Strategic goals that will ultimately demand improved communication and more productive relations between FV and its key stakeholders going into the 2018 football season.

These strategic priorities include:

  1. high-performance culture that earns mutual respect from the game’s stakeholders;
  2. An obsession for the prosperity of our clubs as the foundations of the game’s ongoing growth and development;
  3. Vital facilities and infrastructure that secures the game for the next ten years; and,
  4. Participation growth through positive inclusion initiatives and programs that make football fun and accessible for men and women, boys and girls, and people of all cultures, ages and abilities.

Every stakeholder in the game, from clubs, to Councils and Government, to FV's corporate partners should be commended on the role they have played in making football Victoria's premier sport.

There are many esteemed and respected individuals who have contributed in significant ways to the growth and prosperity of the game and embody the aspiration and devotion we hope to emulate and honour at FV going into the future.

FV takes this opportunity to thank the football family for its ongoing service and devotion to football. We are grateful for our shared commitment to the Victorian football community we look forward to our continued interaction heading into the 2019 football season.