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FV Talented Player Department Staff

Andrew Kentepozidis - Talent Development Manager Boys

Annick Fokchak - Talent Development Manager Girls

Seb Zancan - SAP Manager

Examples of Play

A few nice examples of 2012-16 graduates of the NTC program at their respective NTC Challenge and national tournaments, the playing style on display encourages intelligence, efficiency in ball possession and individual creativity. The current TIDC program looks at developing players through a similar curriculum and playing style.

The program is well into the year with the 2017 curriculum modelling itself on the previous NTC program.

Term one has seen the TIDC players build toward an intelligent attacking brand of possession based football, which encourages players to break down the opponent.

individual deception used to move the opponent, create time and play forward

understanding each others roles, intelligence in possession based style, finding solutions to the opponent’s defensive organisation

injection of CB into next line, players in zone 2 and 3 playing in “pocket” and forward runs into zone 4

Resilience and patience toward problem solving within game situations

2014 NTC against the tournament all stars team