Dispensation Policy

Click here - download the 2022 Dispensation Policy


Child Safe Standards Guidance

More information and resources are available for clubs and other persons in football in the Club Resources section of this website.

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Club Insolvency Policy

Provides coverage for any affiliated club subjected to administration, receivership, liquidation etc.

Click here - download the Club Insolvency Policy (PDF).


Life Membership Policy

Awarded to those who have served the FV over an extended period of time and performed outstanding services.

Click here - download the Life Membership Policy (PDF) document. Last updated: March, 2014.

This policy is currently under review.


Member Protection Framework

Aims to ensure that everyone involved in football is aware of their legal and ethical rights and responsibilities.

Click here - view the Football Australia  National Member Protection Framework (external link). Last updated: December, 2020.


Photo and Video Guideline

Provides guidance for clubs, players, coaches, managers, parents and spectators at FV matches and events regarding photography and video recording. Not applicable to media personnel, or professional photography or broadcasting matters.

Click here - download the Photo and Video Guideline (PDF). Last updated: November, 2016.


Privacy Policy

Further information regarding the management of personal information.

Click here - download the Privacy Policy (PDF). Last updated: August, 2019.


Social Media Policy

Provides guidance on the standards and expectations of the use of social media in relation to football in Victoria.

Click here - download the Social Media Policy (PDF). Last updated: November, 2016.


Whistleblower Policy

Provides the process for dealing with reports/concerns raised by any person, regarding suspected/actual inappropriate conduct at FV.

Click here - download the Whistleblower Policy (PDF). Last updated: October, 2018.


FFA Statutes and Regulations

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