Australia Cup 



In 2023, Football Victoria (FV) has five (5) allocated slots in the Australia Cup Round of 32; i.e. the Victorian winners of Round 7 will progress to the national Round of 32 together with other state representatives, A-League Clubs.


It is mandatory for all Clubs competing in the National Premier Leagues Men's Victoria (NPL, NPL2 and NPL3) and Men’s State Leagues (MSL1 – MSL5) competitions to participate in the Australia Cup. Entry is limited to one team per Club.

Australia Cup Rules & Regulations

2023 FV Australia Cup Supplementary Competition Regulations (updated 20 March 2023)

2022 FA Australia Cup Competition Regulations - Round of 32 onwards

Australia Cup 2023 Preliminary Rounds Progression

Preliminary Rounds Progression

Australia Cup Strip Report

2023 FV Australia Cup Strip Report (updated 23 March 2023)