The Grievance, Disciplinary and Tribunal By-Law (GDT) ensures that all Club Associates and Match Officials observes and encourages participation in Football within the Laws of the Game. The GDT provides processes, procedures, guidelines and penalties for any Club Associate(s) who breaches the Laws. The 2024 GDT is available to download below.

The GDT By-Law is the Legal & Integrity Department’s primary empowering document.

2024 GDT By-LawSummary of Changes (2024)



Racism has no place in football.

We must respect and treat others the way we expect to be treated. Football Victoria (FV) is determined to stamp out unauthorised behaviour, to ensure the integrity of our game. Along with the Don’t Stand By, Stand Up! Campaign, FV is continuing to work towards ensuring our game is free of anti-social behaviour. To assist us, we have developed a form whereby any racial incidents can be reported directly to FV.

Racism can take many forms, such as jokes, comments and exclusions that cause offence or hurt, sometimes unintentionally; name-calling or verbal abuse; harassment or intimidation, and can often manifest through unconscious bias or prejudice.

If you have been racially abused, or have witnessed racial behaviour towards another individual, report the incident to FV by submitting the Report Racism Form.

To assist FV in achieving a game free of racism, complete the report racism form to the best of your ability.
Please note, if you choose to remain anonymous, or not provide any contact information, the report submitted may not be able to be followed up.


Football Victoria's Legal & Integrity Department have created a Match Incident Report Form for Clubs to report any alleged incident's that occur at fixtures in 2024.


  1. Red Card Appeal - $300 'Fasttrack' (written correspondence only) or $350 'Live' (online via video) - fees are non-refundable
  2. Notice of Appeal - $1,100 - refundable upon successful appeal only
  3. Tribunal Request Against Federation Imposed Fine - $350 non-refundable
  4. Mediation Form

All administrative fees include GST and must accompany any Tribunal or Appeals Board request form. Failure to attach payment with any lodgement may result in the application being deemed invalid. Fees are preferred via Credit Card and will not be accepted from Club accounts held with Football Victoria.

It is important that all of the stipulations of the relevant GDT By-Law, in particular with respect to lodgement times and relevant fee requirements, are strictly followed, or an application may be deemed to be invalid.

Tribunal Fact Sheet - If you are required to attend Tribunal, it is important to know what is expected and how the hearing will take place.


  • How much does it cost to appeal a red card to the Tribunal? $300 for 'Fasttrack' (written correspondence only) or $350 for 'Live' (online via video) - fees are non-refundable.
  • What is a Fasttrack Tribunal? This is where the Tribunal will consider a Red Card Referral on paper without the need for attendance at a hearing by the Player, Team Official or FV.
  • Where are Tribunal hearings held? During the season, all Tribunals take place online. If you require a meeting link or are expecting to receive one, please contact
  • Where can I find Tribunal and Appeals Board determinations? All Tribunal and Appeals Board Determinations are notified and uploaded onto the Football Victoria website, usually within 24 hours of the date of the hearing.
  • How many Yellow Cards does my Player/Team Official have? The Yellow Card Register is updated several times each week and is available to view on the website.
  • I know that one of my players has received 5 Yellow Cards however the Yellow Card Register shows fewer than this, what should I do? If you believe you have a player on 5 Yellow Cards we ask that you forward the relevant match records to with a brief explanation. We will update our Yellow Card Register accordingly and notify you once complete.
  • Which of my players are suspended this week? Player suspensions are notified to Clubs by e-mail and uploaded on the Suspensions Register under red card suspensions. This will include red card and yellow card accumulation suspensions.
  • How do I know if a player who was suspended last year has any matches left to serve? The Carry-Over Suspensions Register is available to view online and contains all players, team officials, parents & supporters who were unable to serve their suspensions in full during the previous season.

If you're still unsure please contact FV on 9474 1800 (ext 3) or e-mail