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Latest Referee News:

Men's State League, Men's Metropolitan League or Women's State League:

Football Victoria (FV) wishes to update referees of the fitness test requirements for the 2020 FV season. Referees wishing to be appointed in the following leagues will need to successfully complete the following fitness test requirements.



Test Format

Laps required


Men’s State League 1-3 Referees

150m run / 50m walk / 150m run /50m walk per lap

10 laps

Under 25 min

Men’s State League 4-5 Referees

150m run / 50m walk / 150m run /50m walk per lap

10 laps

Under 30 min

Men's Metropolitan League & Women's State League

150m run / 50m walk / 150m run /50m walk per lap

10 laps

Under 30 min

Referees who only referee as a Reserve grade referee or assistant referee in any competition are not required to complete a fitness test.

Junior Competition referees are not required to complete the fitness assessment. Referees who referee in a combination of both junior and senior football are required to complete the fitness assessment.

Any referee who has successfully completed a fitness test for NPL / NPLW panels is not required to undertake another fitness test for Men's State League, Men's Metropolitan League or Women's State League appointments.

The requirements of the test are 10 continuous laps on a 400m athletics track. This consists of running for 150 metres, walking for 50 metres, running for 150 metres and walking for 50 metres. You are allowed to walk in the run section, but not run in the walk section.

Please note: passing the fitness test is a pre-requisite to be appointed to a specific league but does not guarantee appointments at that level. Referees must be deemed competent at each league level before progressing to high leagues.
Referees are able to undertake the fitness test at any time available at the following venues:
Bundoora: RMIT University Athletics Track - Corner of McKimmies and Plenty Road, Bundoora.  
Wednesday 12th February - 6.30pm
Wednesday 19th February - 6.30pm
Wednesday 26th February - 6.30pm
Wednesday 4th March - 6.30pm

Wednesday 25th March - 6.30pm

N.B. Previously advertised 7:15pm Fitness test is not available

Noble Park: Ross Reserve Athletics track, Memorial Drive, Noble Park.

Tuesday 18th February  - 6.15pm & 7.00pm            
Thursday 27th February - 6.15pm & 7.00pm            
Tuesday 3rd March - 6.15pm & 7.00pm            
Thursday 5th March - 6.15pm & 7.00pm   

Tuesday 24th March - 6.15pm & 7.00pm        
Peninsula Branch: Toorak College Athletics Track - Old Mornington Road, Mt Eliza

Sunday 1 March: 9:30am - 10:30am
Keilor: Keilor Park Athletics Track, Stadium Drive, Keilor

Tuesday 11th February - 7.15pm 
Tuesday 18th February - 7.15pm
Tuesday 25th February - 7.15pm
Tuesday 3th March - 7.15pm

Tuesday 24th March - 7.15pm
Ballarat: Llanberris Reserve (Ballarat Regional Athletic Centre) York St, Ballarat East
Wednesday 26th February - 6.30pm
Wednesday 4th March - 6.30pm

Ballarat: Morshead Park

Saturday 29th February- 9:00am

Geelong: Goldsworthy Reserve, 27-49 Goldsworthy Road, Corio.

Tuesday 18 February - 6pm
Tuesday 10 March - 6pm

Referees can simply attend any of the above venues at a date/ time of their choice, no bookings are required. All tests begin at the advertised time, referees should arrive prior to the start time to undertake sufficient warm up.
Should you have any questions please contact the FV Referees Department (03) 94741800 or

2020 Referee Registrations Open

Kick off to the 2020 Football Victoria Season is just around the corner. FFA Cup, NPL Senior Men's and NPL Junior competitions will all commence in February.

Click here to view the Registration Guide and to commence 2020 Registration.

Registrations are now open, please view the below packages for referees.

Senior Referee- $250
Open to all who officiate in our Senior NPL, NPLW and Men's State Leagues.

Junior Referee- $100
Open to all who officiate only in Women's State leagues, Community Metropolitan Leagues and Junior Leagues.

Regional Referee- $100
Open to all who officiate only in regional association football leagues.

First Season Referee- $0.00
Open to new level 4 referees who are officiating their first season of football. Level 4 referees who officiated in 5 games or less in 2019 should register into this package. Referees who officiated in 6 or more games should register into the junior package.

Assessor and Instructors- $50.00
Non-active referees who perform the role of Assessor or Instructor.

Life Members- $0.00
Open to all Football Victoria Life Members.

Inactive Registration- $0.00
Non-active members who wish to receive FV communications. Please note this does not include a Laws of the Game Book or Season Pass


Branch Positions

We are pleased to announce the positions for the 2020 FV Branch Management Structure. Please see below a link with a full list of the approved positions for all branches.