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Hosting a Live Assessment

If you wish to host a live assessment day for a C Licence assessment please read and complete the form below

C Licence Live Assessment Form

Hosting a Course

To ensure that coaching courses are conducted when Clubs & their coaches require them rather than being directed by FV, this course request form allows course scheduling to be driven by the clubs 

Course Request Form

If there is a demand within your club for a course (MiniRoos, Skill Training or Game Training) please complete this Jotform link.

To be considered able to host a coaching course at your club, there are key requirements that need to be met. Your club venue must be able to provide the following for the entirety of the course:

  • Sole access to a marked pitch (with lights - if conducted at night).
  • Sole access to changing rooms.
  • Sole access to a classroom/clubroom space that has tables and chairs (for all participants).
  • Ideally a whiteboard/Audio Visual equipment (not mandatory but preferred).

NoteCompletion of the form does not guarantee scheduling of course.

Further information about accessing and correcting your details or making a complaint are available in FV’s Privacy Policy.  By completing and submitting this form, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as described above and as set out in FV’s Privacy Policy.

Advanced Coaching Courses

We continually gauge the interest of coaches who wish to attend a C Licence course in other areas of the state. If you are interested in attending either a Youth or Senior C Licence, or a Level 1 Goal Keeping Licence, please fill out the following Expression of Interest form and include the region in which you would prefer to attend the course.

Ongoing responses may allow the possibility of scheduling courses in rural or regional areas; however, candidate numbers will be a significant factor.

To express your interest in attending a C Licence course in Victoria please click here for Expression of Interest form.

To express your interest in a Female Only C Licence please click here Expression of Interest form

To express your interest in the B Licence, A Licence or Pro Diploma courses, please email