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There are two coaching pathways in Australia, the "Community" and the "Advanced" pathway. You can view information about both pathways and the courses offered by clicking either of the below buttons.

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If you have recently completed a course, you can provide feedback from the session(s) you attended here.

Upcoming Community Courses

Game Training Certificate - Trafalgar - March 12th/14th/21st - Course Details/Registration Link

ALDI MiniRoos Certificate - Wodonga - March 13th - Course Details/Registration Link

ALDI MiniRoos Certificate - Docklands - March 16th - Course Details/Registration Link

Skill Training Certificate - Westside Strikers - March 16th/17th - Course Details/Registration Link

Skill Training Certificate - Macedon Blues - March 16th/23rd - Course Details/Registration Link

Senior Coaching Certificate - Melton - March 17th/24th - Course Details/Registration Link

Skill Training Certificate - Mount Eliza - March 23rd/30th  Course Details/Registration Link

ALDI MiniRoos Certificate - Warrnambool Rangers - March 23rd Course Details/Registration Link

ALDI MiniRoos Certificate - East Bentleigh - March 23rd Course Details/Registration Link

ALDI MiniRoos Certificate - Glen Eira - March 24th Course Details/Registration Link

Skill Training Certificate - Brunswick Zebras - March 25th/April 1st/8th - Course Details/Registration Link

Upcoming Advanced Courses

Below are the upcoming advanced courses taking place in Victoria, by clicking on the links you will be able to view all the details about the course (venue, dates, cost, etc) and the registration link.

Victoria B Licence (Venue TBA) - April 8th - 13th & September 23rd - 28th - Course Details/Registration Link

We are currently gauging interest of coaches who wish to attend a C Licence course across all areas of Melbourne, if you are interested in attending either the Youth or Senior C Licence please fill out the following expression of interest for and include the region in which you would prefer to attend the course - click here to fill out our expression of interest form

From the information collected from the form we will look to see the possibilities of running courses in different areas depending on the interest expressed from the region.

Upcoming Events and Workshops


Hosting a Course

If you wish to host a live assessment day for your C Licence assessment please read through and use the below form

C Licence Live Assessment Form

To ensure that coaching courses are conducted when Clubs & their coaches require them rather than being directed by FFV, this course request form has been created.

Course Request Form

If there is a demand within a club for a course (MiniRoos, Skill Training or Game Training) please complete this Jotform link.

To be considered to host a coaching course at your club, there are key requirements that need to be met. Your venue must be able to provide the following for the entirety of the course:

  • Access to a marked pitch (with lights - if conducted at night).
  • Access to changing rooms.
  • Access to a classroom/clubroom space that has tables and chairs.
  • Ideally a whiteboard/AV equipment (not mandatory but preferred).

NoteCompletion of the form does not guarantee scheduling of course.

Further information about accessing and correcting your details or making a complaint are available in FV’s Privacy Policy.  By completing and submitting his form, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as described above and as set out in FV’s Privacy Policy.

Course Updates 


 Advanced Coaching Courses

These courses are designed to educate coaches how to organise and conduct coaching practices under the FFA National Curriculum. Advanced Courses are aimed at coaches currently coaching at elite level or perspective coaches who would be interested in pursuing coaching at an elite level.

The pre-requisites for enrolling in these courses would be that you would have to be at least 18 years of age, physically fit to participate in all practical sessions. It is highly recommended that prior to applying for the Advanced courses, that you do a community coaching course, based on the age-group team that you currently coach.

For more information about advanced courses you can use the button at the top of the page or click here.

To express your interest in attending a C Licence course in Victoria please click here to fill out our expression of interest form.

To express your interest in the B Licence, A Licence or Pro Diploma courses, please email


Club Coach Coordinator Program (FV CCC)

The CCC program adds some background and additional knowledge to how this coach can work to retain coaches, take the burden off recruiting replacement coaches the following season and supports the delivery of quality experiences for young players at your club.

Find the Club Coach Coordinator details form here

Click Here for more information

FV CCC Facebook Group

FV Course Presenters

To view information about FV's course presenters you can click here.


Re-Accreditation Information Sheet - for coaches looking to renew their accreditation

Recognition of Overseas Coaching Qualifications - for coaches who have completed courses overseas


Any other questions pertaining to Advanced or community coaching courses, please email:

FAQs on Assessment Guidelines