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Coach Developer Forms and Information

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An FV Coach Developer is required to attend a Coach Developer's course annually. Coach Developers must meet minimum accreditation requirements and demonstrate the desire and potential to work in the key area of Coach Education.

Coach Developers must meet any applicable eligibility criteria and hold any qualifications, licences and/or memberships that FV determines is necessary, including but not limited to a valid Working with Children Check card and a Police Check. 

All potential Coach Developers must attend the relevant community course as a candidate, then observe as an Assistant Coach Developer. Coach Developers must then assist on a minimum of one full relevant course. While assisting, they need to deliver at least two modules (one in the case of MiniRoos Certificate) before they can be signed off as competent

Coach Developer Reflection Form (existing CD - after course)

FV Coach Developers

Craig Moore

Club: Football Victoria

Position at club: Coach Education Manager

What coach education means to you and your club: I believe in PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT and therefore I want to ensure that any practice sessions for players have been developed initially through top level Coach Education. Understanding how players, especially children, learn best and how to challenge them to problem solve is invaluable and extremely satisfying when seeing the results.

I feel very privileged, in my roles, to be able to help educate existing and future coaches using excellent resources (National Curriculum, Skill & Game Training courses & the technical expertise of FV).

Clubs with a development mindset will improve their professionalism and playing standards when using these resources which will help improve the standard of football throughout the country.

Ken Price

Ken PriceClub: North Sunshine Eagles Football Club

Position at club: Under 16s coach

What coach education means to you and your club: Coach education means everything to me and my club. With the change to the way football is being played in Australia, coaches need to be better educated in the ways of developing players and themselves. The courses and resources that are available at present are excellent tools to do just that. The national curriculum is an excellent guide for the new and experienced coach. But we must not stop we must keep raising the bar in coach development and behaviours if we are to produce world class players.

James Muir

James MuirClub: (N/A) Treiner

Position at club: Manager

What coach education means to you and your club: Provides coaches and players with a framework to improve, sets a benchmark against best practice in Australia and overseas. Coach Education assists greatly in the retention of players and coaches, as well as aiming to provide a continually improving holistic playing experience.

Paul Castelli

Paul CastelliClub: St Albans Saints

Position at club: Technical Director

What coach education means to you and your club: Coach education is about facilitating a collaborative learning environment so we all gain a deeper understanding of “the art and science” of coaching.

I enjoy working as a Coach Developer as I see it as an opportunity to learn from others, further enriching my own knowledge of coaching and the game.

Julie Ryan

Julie RyanClub: Sandringham Junior Soccer Club

Position at Club: Goalkeeper Coach

What coach education means to you: Coach education is about providing support and learning opportunities for our coaches, this will allow coaches to effectively influence player behaviours within their teams.  If coaches can make sessions FUN and effective then our players will benefit immensely.

I love being part of the coach education community and sharing how we can improve things. It’s great that I also get to learn new things each time I present a course.

Paul Kyte

Paul KyteClub: Brighton Soccer Club

Position at Club: Head of Coaching / Technical Director MiniRoos / Under 13A team Coach

What Coach Education means to you and your club: Coach education is both very important and very rewarding for me.  I firmly believe that educating our volunteer (mostly parent) coaches results in fostering a better soccer environment for all the players, coaches, managers and parents.

“Better Coaches will result in Better Players”

Sebastian Sztormowski

Seb SztormowskiClub: Sunshine George Cross, Altona City

Position at Club: U16 Coach / As TD

What Coach Education means to you and your club: Football coaches never stop learning and developing themselves, the only the way to improve is to share football knowledge and challenge yourself day by day in any level of the coaching pathway.

It is great to watch when coaches are improving and providing a better environment for players, which is the main aim to make Australia successful. As a coach developer it is our responsibility to help coaches in all clubs to grow football and provide for all players an equal opportunity to become better. It is an honour to represent FFA and support coaches on the way to success.

Josip (Joe) Loncaric

Josip LoncaricClub: N/A (Keilor Downs College Soccer School)

Position at club: Director of Soccer School/Head Coach

What coach education means to you and your club: In order to develop football, we need to develop ourselves as coaches and facilitators of best practice. It is vital that we educate young players by role modelling a high standard of performance in all aspects of our coaching so that they will have the desire to coach in the future and to improve upon what we are able to give them as coach educators. Education is lifelong and a two-way street.