Coaching Accreditation 

Accessing your Certificate

All coaches who have registered, attended or completed a course in full will be able to view their coaching course history using this link- List my Courses and Qualifications

From here you can login using your FFA number and the email address linked to your ‘My Football Club’ account, these are the same details that you use when registering to your club at the start of the season.

If your certificate still shows up as enrolled even though you may have completed the course, it may be due to the fact that payment has not yet been received or the presenter has yet to provide FV with the attendance sheet.

Licence Revalidation

FFA Advanced Coaching Licenses were formerly valid for a four-year period. As mandated in the AFC Coaching Convention, from 1st January 2019 all FFA Advanced Coaching Licences are now valid (accredited) for three consecutive years. New Licenses will be issued for a three-year period, and existing licenses will be revalidated for three years when re-validation is due.

Please click on the document below for more information:

Advance Licence Revalidation

Pro Diploma & Level 3 Goalkeeper Revalidation

Recognition of Overseas Coaching Qualification

If you have any queries you can email

NPL / NPLW Coaching Accreditation Requirements

Continuing to raise the level of coach education is a key strategy for FV and FFA and, given the importance of coaching and development, it is imperative that Coaching Accreditation is clearly understood and implemented.

Therefore, FV deemed it necessary to clarify the position to ensure it remains relevant and indicative to our advanced pathway coaches.  The NPL & NPLW have had minimum coach accreditation levels since the competitions inceptions. Below is an overview of the regulations from 2020 onwards. At this point there are no competition requirement for State League coaches to have an Advanced Pathway accreditation.

NPL Coaching Accreditation (2021-2023)

NPLW Coaching Accreditation (2021)

JBNPL Coaching Accreditation (2021-2023)