Update on competition structures, fee-relief & refund proposals

Update on Victorian competition structures, fee-relief & refund proposals

Football Victoria is pleased to confirm that proposed competition structures for 2020, fee-relief and refund proposals have been sent to clubs today.
The fee-relief and refund proposals sent to date include approximately $1m in reductions – including over $600k for community competitions.

Relief packages across all tiers of football have been funded by the foregoing of registration and participation fees that would have otherwise been due payable to FV for participation in 2020 competitions.

In determining the portfolio of these packages, FV has sought feedback from football stakeholders, including players, parents, clubs and associations. 
The packages are aimed at supporting the safe return to football at all levels and ensuring the viability of our 355 clubs and the game in Victoria more broadly. 
The proposals are bespoke to each tier of competition, however we note the following broad principles:

  • Proposals are based on the expected season length of each tier of competition. Please refer to the latest update on “Return to Football”.
  • They align to the previously published Return to Play Principles and refund FAQs.
  • All NPL clubs received the initial proposal based on self-funding from within NPL revenues, without cross-subsidisation from other levels of football. It is noted this tier of football is impacted more than any other due to the current restrictions on crowds and further, the offer will cease if/when the State Government enables gatherings of more than 300 people.
  • Senior State-Leagues will receive a 20% reduction on team entry and registration fees. 
  • In support of our FootbALLways strategic goals, we have extended the level of support for the women’s game at senior community level to include 100% team entry reductions and 50% registration fee reductions.
  • The position on junior and other community competitions (including All Abilities, Men’s Metropolitan and Masters) is still under review. Based on the current target season dates and an agreement with other sports, Councils and the State Government to extend the season into September (with finals into October), those competitions are expected to substantially complete a full season. FV will issue a fee-relief offer should these seasons need to be shortened. 
  • All Football Victoria competitions staff have returned to full-time work to prepare for the commencement of the season.

FV would also like to thank our NPLW and NPL panel of referees who have contributed to our NPL proposals by way of an offer of a 25% discount on their game day Senior Team match fee payments in a recommenced NPLW and NPL competition. This arrangement will also cease if/when the State Government enables gatherings of more than 300 people in Victoria (including players and officials).

 FV is also developing a Hardship Policy which will be released shortly to further support those that are unable to return to the game, as a result of the impact of COVID-19.
Football Victoria President Kimon Taliadoros noted “We understand that this has been a very challenging time for our community and would like to recognise the extraordinary efforts of our club officials and volunteers. We hope that these proposals assist clubs in getting back to playing our game.”

FV will continue to work with clubs, players and referees towards a successful and sustainable 2020 season.  

Please continue to check into our Return to Football portal for more information.