COVID-19 and football in Victoria

Last updated: Friday, May 6 2022

General FAQs: Return to Play

Where can I find the latest Return to Play Conditions?

Click here for the latest Return to Play Conditions. 

Do I need to be vaccinated to participate in Community Sport?

For clarity, the Victorian Government’s conditions state that those participating in or facilitating community sport (e.g. players, coaches, volunteers) do not need to be fully vaccinated to access the facility.

When accessing the facility for purposes other than community sport, attendees are also not required to be fully vaccinated

Why has Football Victoria not requested everyone to be vaccinated?

Vaccination status to participate in community sport in Victoria is determined by the Victorian Government, not by Football Victoria.

Do I need to wear a face mask?

Face masks are currently not compulsory. The Victorian Government recommends wearing a face mask if you cannot physically distance from others.  

Click here  for more information from the Victorian government on wearing a face mask.  

How does Football Victoria develop their Return to Train/Play Conditions?

Football Victoria update the Return to Play (RTP) Conditions in line with the Victorian Government’s Pandemic Orders.

The Open Premises Directions can be found here. Football Victoria provides sport specific Conditions to meet the Victorian Government’s Directions. 

Where can I find translated information about COVID-19?

DHHS provides up-to-date information on COVID-19 in multiple languages: Click here for more information.

Does the National Insurance Program Personal Accident insurance policy provide coverage if you catch COVID-19?

No. COVID-19 is not a bodily injury as defined under the policy. In the same way the policy would not previously cover people if they caught the flu.

What might happen if clubs or players breach the Return to Play Conditions?

Clubs and players will not be covered by insurance policies and, depending on the circumstances, FV may enforce sanctions under the Grievance,  Disciplinary and Tribunal Bylaw.

Breaches of current State Government restrictions may also attract on the spot fines from police as well as substantial fines under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2018.

FAQs for Clubs

Are COVID Check-In Marshals required at training and matches?

No, COVID Check-In Marshal’s are no longer required by clubs.

What happens if a Club has a confirmed COVID-19 case?

As per the sector guidance for Sport, Exercise and Physical Recreation businesses within Victoria, workplaces include facilities used predominantly for outdoor sport or physical recreation, including Football Clubs. Information and advice for businesses who have a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the workplace should be adhered to.    

For the detailed steps of what to do next, please click here

Please note Football Victoria are here to support Clubs and Associations throughout this process, however we are not able to provide advice or direction as this is determined upon review by the Department of Health and their contact tracing team.