FV Statement Regarding Zone Representative and Standing Committee Elections

The Board of Football Victoria has advised it will open a new election process for select Zone Representatives and Standing Committees.

The decision comes after a review of the 2019 Member Elections found some errors in the nominations process, which was conducted by a third party returning officer.

In keeping with the high standards of good governance, Football Victoria sought independent legal advice and an independent assessment of Football Victoria’s review of nominations was conducted by KPMG.

The reviews concluded that a number of nominations were accepted by the third party returning officer, which did not meet the Football Victoria election by-law requirements.
As a result, the Board has determined to run a new election process to fill the remaining positions for both Zone Representatives and Standing Committees.

There is no change for members that were validly elected through the process.

Nomination forms and other information can be located here

Football Victoria (03) 9474 1800 or info@footballvictoria.com.au