Football Victoria Member Elections

Football Victoria Inc (“Football Victoria”) - 2019 Election of Zone Representatives and Standing Committees

Football Victoria is pleased to advise that the Election Notice - Nominations Received List (26 June) is now available.

Click here to see the Election Notice - Ballot Paper Draw (28 June) and the Election Notice Withdrawal Advice (4 July)

Click here to see the Declaration of Voting Outcomes (9 August).

Other relevant documents can be found below:

  1. Timeline  
  2. List of Clubs/Zones and Standing Committee Voting Eligibility
  3. Zone Representative and Standing Committee List (2017-19 term)  
  4. Football Victoria Constitution 
  5. Football Victoria By-Laws 1-10  
  6. Zone Map (Football Victoria By-law 9, Appendix A)
  7. Football Victoria By-Law 12  

The vote count will commence at 10:00am Thursday, 8 August 2019 at Football Victoria Offices. Candidates are able to appoint scrutineers to attend the vote count if they wish.

Any queries regarding the above documents can be emailed to: