FV Statement: Further easing of restrictions on community sport from 1 June

Football Victoria (FV) acknowledges the latest advice from the Victorian Government with regards to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

From 11:59pm on 31 May, a number of restrictions will be modified, most notably around the number of participants permitted to take part in group sport.

Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV) have provided the following update and will provide more detailed guidance in the coming days. Once this further guidance has been received, FV will update our Return To Training Conditions and send those out to all of our Clubs.

Current SRV update: https://sport.vic.gov.au/our-work/return-to-play/return-to-play-for-community-sport-and-active-recreation

FV notes, in particular, the expansion from 10 participants to 20 participants per half pitch contained in today’s announcement.

Whilst this easing means more participants will be able to take part in football activity from 1 June, FV would like to remind all players, coaches and staff that they must read and adhere to the latest version of the Return to Training Conditions, which will be made available in our portal by May 29: https://www.footballvictoria.com.au/return-conditions

Football Victoria Chief Executive Peter Filopoulos said allowing more players to congregate safely would allow training sessions to be run as close to normal as possible.

“Whilst we are still some way off having football returning to normal, the lifting of training numbers from 10 to 20 from next week means that most teams across Victoria will now be able to train together,” Filopoulos said. “That’s a big step forward in terms of the type of training that can be undertaken and we know clubs will be pleased to run sessions similar in number to what they ordinarily would.”

“Hopefully the worst of the pandemic is behind us and each week brings us closer to our ultimate goal, which is the resumption of all training and competitions. I urge everyone in the football community to remain vigilant about the safety protocols and to continue playing our part in keeping Victoria safe.”

Following feedback from the football community, Football Victoria continues to seek clarity with regards to the use of canteens and club rooms, and details of spectator access to matches. We understand the importance of these matters and will pass on any further information when it becomes available.

The Victorian Government’s announcement also included a modification to sport and exercise restrictions from June 22. We are seeking further guidance on these points to determine any adjustment to our target dates for our football competitions to commence/recommence.