FV announces Stakeholder Representatives for the 2021 Constitution Review Group

Following Football Victoria’s (FV) call for Expressions of Interest from the Victorian Football family to sit on the Constitution Review Group (CRG), FV received fifteen (15) high quality applications for the Stakeholder Representative positions.

The FV Board considered each application, taking into account each candidate’s background, skill set and Football experience, and in light of the strong response and quality of applicants, decided to increase the number of Stakeholder Representatives on the CRG from three (3) members to six (6) members.

The FV Board is pleased to announce that the following persons have been appointed to the CRG:

  • Katherine Stamatopoulos;
  • Bob Stensholt;
  • Angela Williams;
  • Arthur Kiousis;
  • Margaret Giudice; and
  • Mark Powell.

 FV wishes to thank all the people who expressed interest to join the CRG and looks forward to their ongoing involvement in this important project.

To learn more about the Constitutional Reform Program, please visit the following link: 2021 Constitutional Reform Program