Football Victoria carry over suspension list available

Clubs are encouraged to view the Carry over suspension list. Players with carry over suspensions must serve their remaining suspensions in their next applicable fixture(s).

The registers are in club order for you to check returning players or club associates. Checks should have been made for new players or club associates with them to check if they have any outstanding suspensions, but if you need to manually check, simply press control+f and search the list by the players name or FFA ID number.

Club associates who have received administrative suspension or suspension arising from Tribunal matters can be found on the Club Associate register. To view the current suspension lists please click on the following link and be sure to view both suspension registers:

Suspension from red cards must be served in the next applicable fixtures whether that be league or cup. Yellow card accumulation suspensions (Y5, Y10) are to be served in League competitions only and therefore players will be eligible for cup fixtures.

Please call the discipline department for any enquiries on 9474 1800.