Statement from Football Victoria

Football Victoria (FV) wishes to acknowledge that, unfortunately, aggressive language, favouritism and unfair treatment occurred in 2022 within one of our programs by one of FV’s coaching staff towards its players.

FV regrets this behaviour occurred, and also regrets the way it was addressed by those who were supervising the coach at the time. The FV Board had no knowledge of this behaviour at the time it occurred.

FV apologises by expressing its genuine sympathy to any players who were upset, hurt or offended by this behaviour. FV states that it did not intend to upset, hurt or offend any of its players.

FV wishes to continue fostering an environment where players and parents feel safe to speak up about any issues concerning coaching, and to ensure that those players feel encouraged and supported for raising any such concerns, which will always be taken seriously by FV.

FV will undertake a comprehensive and immediate review of this program and is continuing to take actions to ensure this type of behaviour will not happen again to any of its players.

FV genuinely thanks those who have stepped forward to bring this to the attention of FV so that FV can continue its efforts to improve the manner it addresses this type of behaviour.

FV will not be commenting any further on this statement.