Football Victoria congratulates newly elected FFA Board Members

The members of Football Federation Australia (FFA) yesterday elected four new members onto the FFA Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting in Sydney.

Football Victoria congratulates the newly elected members Heather Reid, Joseph Carrozzi, Chris Nikou and Remo Nogarotto. They join Kelly Bayer Rosmarin and Crispin Murray on the Board.

Following the AGM, the directors met and elected Chris Nikou as the new Chairman of the Board and Heather Reid as Deputy Chair.

Mr Nikou said it was a great honour to lead the Board of FFA.

“I look forward to working with the members of the new Board with a renewed sense of purpose for the whole of the game. Today’s Annual General Meeting is a defining moment for our sport. The expanded congress has spoken, and we now come together as a football community to commence a new era for our game,” he said.

The FFA Annual General Meeting was attended by new members of the expanded congress.

The new congress comprises 29 members including Member Federations, A-League Clubs, Women’s Football Council and the Players Member (the PFA).

The members also passed resolutions to grant qualifying member status to Association of Australian Football Clubs (AAFC) and Football Coaches Australia (FCA) and the under the FFA constitution.

A vote to grant AAFC twelve months advanced status as a qualifying member on the FFA congress was not carried.

Outgoing FFA Chairman Steven Lowy said: “It has been an honour to serve as Chairman of FFA and to have been able to build upon the strong foundation put in place by previous boards.”

“It is now up to the new FFA board to protect the gains already made and take our game to new heights. This remains my fervent hope and I wish the incoming custodians of our great game the very best in realising the enormous potential of football in Australia,” he said.

An Extraordinary General Meeting was held to confirm the chair of Women’s Council.

The Independent Chair elected by the Nominations Committee and ratified by the Members is Ros Moriarty. The members of the newly formed Council appointed by stakeholder groups are: Maha Abdo, Erica Berchtold, Caroline Carnegie, Sue Crow, Elise Kellond-Knight, Fran Sankey, Janette Spencer, Alex Wilkinson and Lydia Williams.

Football Victoria Vice-President and Delegate Antonella Carè welcomed the appointment of Heather Reid, who received the highest number of votes of any nominee.

“It is pleasing to see the overwhelming support for Heather as she joins the FFA Board particularly as Deputy Chair. Heather’s appointment is terrific for the women’s game and reconfirms Football Victoria’s own strategic focus in enabling more women and girls to participate in football.

Football Victoria President and Delegate Kimon Taliadoros acknowledged the significant contribution made by outgoing FFA Chairman Mr Steven Lowy AM to Australian football.

“The Lowy family has been significant contributors to the growth of the world game in Australia, including the last three years with Mr Steven Lowy AM as FFA Chairman. During his tenure, both our men’s and women’s national teams have enjoyed sustained success on the international football stage. At home, the A-League and W-League continue to develop as globally competitive football leagues, and the FFA Cup as a truly unique competition in Australia’s sporting landscape,” Mr Taliadoros said.

Football Victoria remains committed to working with FFA and Australia’s football community to ensure the game remains strong into the future.