Dockerty Cup 2022 Finals format

Football Victoria (FV) can provide an update on the Finals structure for the 2022 Dockerty Cup.

Given that the Australia Cup qualifying rounds serve as the Dockerty Cup qualifying rounds - and Football Australia have allocated FV with a fifth position in the Australia Cup Round of 32 - a solution was needed to realign the five teams into two semi-final ties.

As a result, FV have now confirmed the Competitions Structure for the 2022 Dockerty Cup Final.

Dockerty Cup



All five (5) participating Clubs will be allocated in to the one (1) Pot.

  • First Ball Drawn: Play-Off (Home Team) vs
  • Second Ball Drawn: Play-Off (Away Team)


A sixth ball will be included into the Pot assigned as the 'Play-Off Winner' and the draw will continue.

  • Semi Final 1: Third Ball Drawn = Semi Final 1 (Home) vs Fourth Ball Drawn = Semi Final 1 (Away)
  • Semi Final 2: Fifth Ball Drawn = Semi Final 2 (Home) vs Sixth Ball Drawn = Semi Final 2 (Away)


  • Winner of Semi Final 1: Cup Final (Home Team)
  • Winner of Semi Final 2: Cup Final (Away Team)

The draw will take place in W/C 20 June (TBC). 

The play-off match will take place between Tuesday 28th and Thursday 30th June 2022.

The Semi-Final matches will take place  on Tuesday 5th/12th, Wednesday 6th/13th or Thursday 7th/14th July 2022, with the Final to be played on the weekend of 7th August 2022.

All fixtures will be played at neutral venues.