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Welcome to Registrations for club administrators. Here you will find everything you need here to administer registrations for your club. Just click on the links below in the area that best fits.

Registration Key Dates

Upcoming Play Football Training Sessions

Forms and Logins

-Play Football Admin Login
-Become a Play Football Administrator for your club
-Club Finance System Login
-Become a Club Finance System Administrator
-Claim insurance on a football injury

Help Guides for Play Football

-Play Football Handbook (Coming Soon)
-MyFootballClub Instructional Videos (Coming Soon)
-Player Registration Guide (Coming Soon)
-Player Registration Video (Coming Soon)


Documents and Regulations
-2018 Player Fee Schedule
-2018 Registration Regulations-FFV
-FFA National Registration Regulations

-Player Exemption Request Form


National Premier Leagues Forms and Documents

-NRR04 - Professional player registration form
-NRR05 - Professional Player Contract

Travelling interstate and overseas to play football 

Domestic Tour: For any match(es) played outside of Victoria, but still within Australia, you will have to complete
Domestic Tours Form. Please submit this form no less than 3 weeks prior to the commencement of the tour to avoid a late application fee.

Overseas Tour: For any match(es) played outside of Australia you need to complete the Overseas Tours Form.
Please submit no less than 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the tour to avoid a late application fee. You also need to ensure you have the accompanying spreadsheets filled out:
1. Players List
2. Other accompanying personnel list


International Players / Clearances

An International Transfer Clearance (ITC) is required for every player aged 10 years or older and have previously played overseas. This is a FIFA requirement to ensure players are not under contract or suspended and is applicable even if the player is an Australian citizen or if they have been registered in Australia or Victoria previously.

Please note: This includes all football types for club and non-club football regardless of playing as a professional or amateur, gender or league. For example an ITC is required for playing in:
-Club, university/college, high School, inter-school sports, futsal and any other football activity.

Obtaining an International Transfer Clearance

Step 1: Begin the player registration through MyFooballClub
Step 2: When asked the question 'was the player's last registration to play football in another country?' select yes.
Step 3: Enter the information requested: Country the player last registered, Club the player last registered, Year the player last registered.

Step 3.1: If you previously played at a South American Country please send a copy of your passport to
Step 3.2: If you previously played in the United States please send the following information to

A. Name of your former club in the US
B.The location of your former club in the US
C. Your last state of residence in the US

Aged 18 and over: Your ITC is now complete and your club will approve the ITC request with FFA to process.
Aged 10 to 17: Continue to Step 4

Step 4: Complete the Minor ITC Application form
Step 5: Select one of the following forms that apply to your situation and choose option 1 or 2.

Step 6: Click the following document to see the types of documents to submit - Click Here
Step 7: Submit all the documents to

FV will then process and send the documents to FFA to complete the ITC with FIFA and the country you are moving from.

Documents and Regulations

ITC Website List - Cleared Players 2018
-FFA Guide to Internal Transfer Certificates
-Applying for an ITC Video (Coming Soon)
-ITC FAQ (Coming Soon)