Weather Conditions - Key Rules Reminder

Football Victoria would like to remind all clubs and participants of the Rules of Competition with the expected hot weather for matches to ensure the health and safety of all players and officials:

4.4.Weather Conditions

4.4.1. FV and/or the Match Official may postpone, delay or abandon any Competition Fixture due to weather, pitch conditions such as but not limited to excessive heat/humidity, lightning or rain that may endanger participants health and/or safety.

4.4.2. If 30 minutes before kick off the temperature at the venue is 32º or above, water bottles must be made available to enable any player to take a drink during the course of the Competition Fixture. Permission of the Match Official to take a drink is not required.

4.4.3. If conditions are considered extreme by the Match Official, he or she may;

a.  allow a 2-minute break during the course of each half.

b. allow additional drinks breaks in accordance with Rule 4.4.2 or otherwise;

c. abandon the Competition Fixture, if in the Match Official’s opinion, it is unsafe to continue

Please ensure that all teams are attending the matches ready to play and equipped with adequate resources to ensure players are kept cool ie) eskies with ice, drinks, wet towels, sunscreen, hats.

All referees for this weekend’s matches have been communicated to appropriately. Please ensure you are communicating with the referees on match day prior and during the match to ensure matches are played cooperatively and with adequate breaks for players.