An update regarding football activities in Victoria

In considering yesterday’s announcement from the Premier of Victoria, Football Victoria (FV) has evaluated a number of options for the recommencement of football that is scheduled for the coming weeks.

The restrictions allow competitions to proceed, except for players from the impacted suburbs who are not able to play or train for the duration of this period. 

Our purpose as per our “FootbALLways” strategic plan, is to ‘Inspire and enable all Victorians to live and love football for life’ and our stated vision is equally clear: ‘Football for ALL, anywhere, anytime’. These are not loose aspirations; they are the bedrock pillars which guide our decision-making processes.

Accordingly, where it is safe to do so (which remains our primary driver) football will continue to be scheduled and played in Victoria in accordance with the Return to Training/Play Conditions which have been developed.

FV has received an enormous response in the last 24 hours and the overwhelming view is that where possible, our community wants to play. 

Competitions will continue as follows:


Scheduled to Commence

Updated status

Junior Boys NPL South/East

4/5 July

Proceed as scheduled this weekend, refer to club and published fixtures for details

Junior Boys NPL North/West

4/5 July

This weekend is postponed, further advice to follow on the rest of the fixture following consultation with clubs

Junior Girls NPL

11/12 July

Intention to proceed as scheduled, clubs to be consulted

Community MiniRoos & Junior competitions South/East

11/12 July

Proceed as scheduled

Community MiniRoos & Junior competitions North/West

11/12 July

Clubs to be consulted

Geelong MiniRoos & Juniors

11/12 July

Proceed as scheduled

Community Seniors (U20s, Masters & Metropolitan Men’s inc)

25/26 July

Intention to proceed where possible, clubs to be further consulted

Geelong Seniors

25/26 July

Proceed as scheduled

NPL/W Seniors

25/26 July

Clubs to be consulted

Please note: Regional clubs that are coordinated through their local Association should contact their Association to confirm their dates and fixtures.

In addition, we are pleased to confirm a competitions calendar has been finalised for MiniRoos, Junior and Geelong competitions. The calendar outlines the season structure, anticipated dates for fixture release and is available for download here. The calendar will be updated with remaining competitions as season structures are finalised.

We feel deeply for those unable to play and train at this time. Within our value of Unity, football will continue to be there for you in these difficult times and we can’t wait for you to come back.

More broadly, we know our wonderful football community will support those clubs and individuals. We’ll do all we can to get everyone back on the pitch as soon as it is safe to do so.

Furthermore, we understand that some will disagree with the decision and would prefer the entire football season be cancelled. We respect this view; and we also respect the right of clubs and individuals to make their own choices.

However, as outlined above, FV exists to enable the game for those who want to play and we will continue to do that. FV has also taken into consideration that evolving lockdown scenarios may become an ongoing reality for our community and therefore a ‘one size fits all’ approach may not be appropriate.

Our Resumption of Football Guiding Principles will continue to guide to us as we support our community return to football.

FV understands that the pressure on our amazing volunteers is enormous and that navigating your way through this - not least the ever-shifting health regulations - is extremely challenging.

We are doing our best to assist, guide and inform, wherever possible. However, we are all operating in an environment with ever-evolving information. We encourage our clubs to delay any major decisions at the moment, as we expect greater clarity to be provided over the coming days and weeks.

There have been a number of questions in relation to fee-relief and refunds. The current lock-down scenario is an example of the need to keep our approach to fee-relief fluid rather than fixed.

FV continues to assess fee-relief on the basis of season length and the costs for both Clubs and FV in running the competitions as they are revised and amended. The $1 million package of fee-relief (as previously advised) stands as a committed position.

Again considering our value of Unity, we would ask for all stakeholders to demonstrate respect towards club volunteers and administrators and FV staff. We understand the frustration of many in our community but will not accept or tolerate abusive behaviour. 

We remind all stakeholders that most administrators at clubs are unpaid volunteers, whilst FV staff have been on reduced hours and pay for a number of months. Whilst we know these incidents relate to a small percentage of the football community, after a series of disappointing incidents, this message is one that needs to be strongly reinforced.

Our Club Ambassadors remain the key point of contact for clubs.

Thank you again for your commitment and passion for our great game.