Women's Football Sevens: Social 7-a-side for women and girls

Looking for a more low-key way to play football? This is your program!

Women’s Football 7's (WF7) is a social, 7-a-side football competition for women and girls of any skill level!

It's a great way to start playing football, even if you've never tried it before. Come down with your friends, or come down alone; either way you'll join a great group of women and girls, all with a passion for our beautiful game.


WF7 is perfect for those that struggle to commit to a senior women's team with multiple training sessions and a game each week. There's no strict training schedules and matches - just three separate 7-round cycles that run in line with school terms, with no fixtures scheduled on school holidays. The cycles allow flexibility for teams to opt in or out - play one or play them all - it's entirely your choice!

How does it work?

All games are played on a half pitch, with 20 minute halves and interchange available - great news for those that haven't played a lot, or are returning from a break. The smaller pitch means less running, more touches and more fun.

For those who love to play for silverware, we've got you covered too. A final series will be played at the end of cycle three where our Champions will be crowned.

Team entries are open to all women and girls - you don't need to be associated with a Club to take part.

WF7 Rules
WF7 Rules


Cycle 1: Week of February 13 – Week of April 3

Cycle 2: Week of May 1 – Week of June 19

Cycle 3: Week of July 17 – Week of August 28

Why not give it a go!

Our Geelong, North-West and South-East WF7 competitions are now open for registrations.

Learn more and join a program at gofootball.com.au