FV Player Registration Fees for the 2020 Season

Football Victoria today released its 2020 Registration Fee Schedule, with a focus on ensuring facilities across the state keep pace with the game's growth.

FV CEO Peter Filopoulos said more Victorians were playing the world game each year and more needed to be done to ensure our clubs could cater for the rapid growth .

"For two years in a row we’ve seen double-digit participation growth, including significant player expansion in our women and girls’ competitions," Mr Filopoulos said.

"A couple of years ago, Football Victoria identified this growth trend and the impact it would have on our local clubs. Since then, we’ve committed to campaigning for funding to upgrade existing club facilities, as well as funding for the development of new football facilities across the state," he said.

To date, FV has invested approximately $1 million in these efforts, and seen around $190 million in new state and local government funding flow into local clubs across the state. This effort is on the back of a comprehensive state-wide facilities audit, developed with the support of the Victorian Government, which showed that the game will need up to 420 full-size equivalent pitches by 2026 just to keep up with population growth and consistently strong participation numbers.

"We're making progress but we’ve only scratched the surface. Every day we hear from clubs who are knocking back boys and girls, men and women from playing football because they can’t accommodate all their fixtures," Mr Filopoulos said.

"As many as 12,000 players missed out on playing football last year because clubs across Victoria didn’t have the facilities to cater for them. 

"We’re doing our best as football's representative and we now need the whole Victorian football family to be involved as one. We’re allocating a significant amount of our 2020 and future budgets towards the next stage of our campaign for local facilities funding, and we’re also introducing a small, short-term, interim levy for all participants, to give us extra momentum to bring in more funding over the coming years."

While the levy is slightly different for players in each competition, the average impact per player on registration fees across all competitions is around $10.

See the table below for a breakdown across specific registration types.

Registration type

2020 FV Fee (inc. Facilities Levy)

FV Facilities Levy $ increase




Metro Miniroos






Metro Juniors



Metro Senior Men



Metro Senior Women



Metro over 35’s






Regional Miniroos



Regional Juniors



Regional Seniors






Geelong Miniroos



Geelong Juniors



Geelong Seniors






Social football juniors



Social football seniors



To see the complete 2020 FV Registration Fee Schedule, click here: http://bit.ly/2M82gEf
"The levy will take effect for the 2020 season and be paid as part of normal registration fees. We believe it will raise enough funds to enable us to continue campaigning to bring more money in for local clubs so that no player will be excluded from the game they love, and no club will ever again be forced to knock back players because they couldn’t accommodate any more fixtures," Mr Filopoulos said.  

"We’re asking every participant across the entire Victorian football family - to make a small contribution for the greater good of our game," he concluded.

For those who have questions about the new 2020 fee schedule, please click here for a Q&A document to help answer those: