Club Debt in Victoria

Football Victoria (FV) wishes to provide an update to the community concerning the current level of Club debt owed to FV.

A significant number of clubs failed to meet their financial obligations in 2023, resulting in a historic level of debt to FV, totaling an unprecedented figure nearing $2 million.

As a result, Clubs who are unable or unwilling to meet their financial obligations will be regarded as ineligible to participate in the 2024 season.

This matter is of the highest importance to the players, parents, guardians and families who form the backbone of our football community. It is imperative that any registration fees you pay ensure your ability to participate in 2024.

If you pay a registration fee to a club that is in debt and in breach of its financial commitments, your funds may be unrecoverable as the club may not be fit to compete in the 2024 Season.

It is important to note clubs/associations affiliate with FV to participate in authorized FV activities, and must comply with the requirements of FV’s Rules, Regulations and Policies to maintain its status as a compliant club which includes being financially viable. Clubs conduct their business under an independent Board of Directors or Committee who are legally responsible for the governance of the club including managing the clubs financial affairs. FV therefore strongly encourages players, parents and guardians to have direct conversations with clubs about financial solvency prior to undertaking the registration process.

While it is expected most clubs will be able to rectify their debts ahead of season 2024, FV recognizes that some clubs are not financially sustainable.

This may result in mergers, acquisitions or closures – which although challenging – would ultimately lead to stronger and more sustainable clubs who can offer a better football experience for their members and the community they serve.

It is also vital to address the public discourse around registration fees and the cost of playing football. As stipulated in the 2023 Fee Schedule, FV only retains a small portion of your registration fee.

For junior football players, this varies from $28.50 for Regional MiniRoos to $103.50 for Metro Juniors, while senior football (18+) fees range from $85 in regional competitions to $215 for metro areas (a full breakdown can be viewed in the 2023 Fee Schedule link above).

The fees stated above outline the amount collected by FV which is used to cover player insurance and all aspects of football administration, including fixturing, referee administration, education, accreditation, player dispensation, discipline procedures (including the GDT), council liaison and club support services.

We acknowledge that as football participants you have paid fees which incorporate the above allocation to FV, however a number of clubs are failing to forward your registration fee component to FV resulting in this existing debt.   

We note that all other costs paid when you register as a participant are set independently by and for your individual club.

FV has worked diligently to contact and work collaboratively with clubs with outstanding debts, by offering payment arrangements and longer-term solutions where required. FV appreciates the proactiveness of many Club administrators, who despite the challenging nature of these conversations have communicated openly and respectfully.

The issue of club debt and the need to protect players, parents and families has raised the notion of a new process which would involve a recognition system for solvent clubs. This would encourage greater transparency and provide greater security for the footballing community. If this process is to be explored or implemented in the future, it will be communicated accordingly. In the meantime, we have published a list of Clubs that are currently complying with their financial requirements to FV. 

List of financially compliant clubs

We encourage you to click on the link above and ensure that your Club is compliant and able to participate in Season 2024. This list does not include Futsal affiliates.