A Statement From Football Victoria - Avondale FC

Football Victoria (FV) today released findings of a detailed investigation into allegations Avondale FC breached conditions of its NPL Licence.

Avondale FC has co-operated with FV during the investigation, which substantiated that breaches of its NPL Licence did occur in 2018 and 2019.

As a result, a number of sanctions have been applied to Avondale FC, including:

  • A $25,000 club fine;
  • A suspended $25,000 fine for the 2020 season;
  • 3 competition points prospectively docked for the 2020 season;
  • Suspended 18-point penalty for 2020 season;
  • All prizemoney received for 2018 and 2019 seasons ($30,000) to be repaid;
  • 18 competition points retrospectively removed for the 2018 season; and
  • 18 competition points retrospectively removed for the 2019 season.

In light of these findings, FV strongly advises all clubs to conduct an internal audit of their own compliance with their NPL Licences.

FV will continue proactive audits of all clubs and their NPL license compliance, including spot checks through the season.

FV takes breaches of NPL Licences very seriously and reserves its right to levy penalties in excess of the above for any future licence breaches.