A Statement from Football Victoria

Football Victoria (FV) has expressed its concern about serious incidents which have seen a total of 45 competition points (some suspended) deducted from teams fronting Tribunal charges in the past fortnight.

At last night’s Tribunal hearing, North Sunshine Eagles, Preston Lions, Springvale City and Sandown Lions were deducted a total of 15 points (6 suspended), fined a total of $4,500 ($1000 suspended) and players banned for a total of 12 matches.

Further, FV will meet with representatives from both Sandown Lions and Springvale City as a priority to support the development of positive aspects of the football programs provided by these clubs and to put in place steps to ensure such incidents are not repeated.

FV believes this sends another strong message that any wrong doing will not be tolerated and reiterates that clubs are responsible for the behaviour of their supporters and players. We remain committed to ensuring that football matches uphold community standards and provide a safe and family-friendly environment at all times.

“The Tribunal’s decisions last night again underline FV’s call to Respect The Game. We all need to keep working together to keep our game strong and protect participants, match officials, club administrators, volunteers and spectators at each venue each week,” FV CEO Peter Filopoulos reiterated.