Victorian Cerebral Palsy 7-a-side Football

Vic Player - Christian Bitsikas


7-a-side football is played by footballers with Cerebral Palsy, Acquired Brain Injuries and those with stroke related impairments. This football format is coordinated under the International Federation of Associated Football (FIFA) rules with slight modifications. Each team consists of seven players, including the goalkeeper. The field size is reduced to 75m x 55m, played with smaller goal posts, with each match consisting of two 30 minute halves. When competing at a national or international level athletes are classified according to their physical impairments.The team is then made up of players with a range of classifications.

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The sport has been part of the Paralympic Games since 1984. Since then, 7-a-side Football has grown rapidly on both the national and international stage. There are also a number of opportunities for beginners to get involved.

Please contact Sharon Wong, Project Development Coordinator - Diversity & Inclusion on or 9474 1805 if you have any questions.


Victorian 7-a-side State Team

2018 Vic Team at Nationals


The 7-a-side State Team Program is open to men and women who are eligible to play 7-a-side Football. More specifically, this relates to persons with Cerebral Palsy, Acquired Brain Injuries and those with stroke related impairments. The program is designed to develop football skills with added support for the development of personal skills such as resilience and self-reliance, two factors in becoming both an elite performer and valuable assets in life.

State Team Program

When: every Saturday fortnight starting 16th March 2019

Where: Darebin International Sports Centre, 281 Thornbury Road, Darebin

Program Inclusions: fortnightly training, training kit, fixtured matches with referees and a new National Championships uniform for selected squad members.

More information: Sharon Wong, Project Development Coordinator - Diversity & Inclusion on or 9474 1805


2018 National Paralympic 7-a-side Football Championships

Vic Team 2nd place

2017 National Paralympic 7-a-side Football Championships

2017 Vic Team Nationals

2016 National Paralympic 7-a-side Football Championships

After securing the Bronze medal at last year’s 7-a-side National Championships, the Victorian team is hoping this year will be the year they bring home Gold. Hosted by Football NSW, this year’s event and team details are outlined below.

Date: 27 October - 30 October, 2016

Location: Valentine Sports Park, 235-257 Meurants Lane Glenwood

Captain: Ben Roche

Vice Captains: Joseph Accetta and Matthew Holland

Team: Christian Tsangas, Ben Roche, Josh Barry, Joseph Accetta, Nelson Gray, Brad Fisher, Cosimo Cirillo, Matthew Holland, Oran Jones, Joshua Beekes, Adam Torey-Toth and Hayden Bognar

Coaches: Seb Zancan and Andrew Rofo

Tournament Wrap Up: click here for more information

Preview Article: click here for more information


7-a-side Football Programs

Northcote City Football Club


Northcote City Football Club offer a 7-a-side football development program that caters for beginners as well as seasoned football players. This program is currently the only 7-a-side football program in Victoria.

When: Sundays (usually fortnightly) from 10:00am – 11:30am.

Where: John Cain Memorial Park, 281 Darebin Road, Thornbury.

Contact: George Prapas, 0418 444 464,



Point Cook Soccer Club


Boys and girls aged between 6-15 years of age are invited to join a brand new 7-a-side football program at Point Cook Soccer Club, commencing in March 2017. Both experienced footballers and those new to football are welcome to come and give the program a go. Based on the Paralympic sport of 7-a-side Football, the program is specifically for children and teenagers with cerebral palsy, an acquired brain injury or living with symptoms resulting from a stroke.

Point Cook - All Abilities Program Flyer

Where: Point Cook Soccer Club - Saltwater Reserve, Saltwater Promenade, Point Cook

When: from March 2017

Enquiries: Chris Van Heer, 0418 581 091 or email