Increasing female leadership and participation

If you want to increase female leadership and participation at your club, we have all the resources you need right here!  In the sections below, you will find best practice case studies and guideline to promote girls and women's involvement at your club at every level - from the playing field, to the coaching team and the boardroom.

Community Club Development
Community Club Checklist
Casy Study - Brighton

Building Supportive Environments for Female Players 
Strategies to Recruit and Retain New Female Players
Strategies to Retain Current Players
Case Study The Gap FC
The Power of Role Models 
Female Only Teams

Building Supportive Environments for Female Coaches
Strategies to Recruit and Retain New Female Coaches
Strategies to Retain Current Coaches
General Principles for Coaching Females 
Factsheet - Female Coaching Opportunities
Case Study Monaro Panthers FC
Coach Profile Leah Blayney
Coach Profile Rae Dower Sandra Hill

Building Supportive Environments for Female Administrators 
Strategies to Recruit and Retain New Female Administrators
Strategies to Retain Current Administrators
Development and Education
Adminstrator Profile Moya Dodd
Administrators in Action
Case Study Kerryn Constable and Bega Devils FC
FIFA'S 10 Key Development Principles

Building a Supportive Environment for Female Referees 
Strategies to Recruit and Retain New Female Referees
Strategies to Retain Current Referees
Education Pathway
A Personal Story from Two Referees

These guides are based on the Women's Football Development Guide, launched by the FFA in 2016.  This is a handbook for football clubs to develop women's football and increase the number of females participating in the game at all levels.  You can download the guide here.

Attracting Women and Girls to your Club

English FA's guide on how to attract Women and Girls to your club: Attracting new girls and women into football

How to create an Ideal Sports Club For Women Research from the Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation (US).

Female Friendly Infrastructure Guidelines

Visit the link below to read more about the Victorian Government's guidelines for developing a Female Friendly Sporting environment

Leveling the Playing Field

Despite the inequitable ratio between female to male participation in sport, many of Darebin’s home-grown sporting stars are indeed female – and five of them are celebrated in a new publication, Leveling the playing field: the ball is in her court, released by City of Darebin on International Women’s Day.

Leveling the Playing Field (PDF)

Player Resources


Women's Sport:

  • Zela: SBS site celebrating and discussing women's sport.
  • RSN’S Sporting Women on Carnival is a radio show all about sporting females, not just those who participate but also those behind the scenes: the coaches, trainers, ref’s, umpires and anyone who has a voice about the changing landscape of female sport, not just in Australia but around the world.
  • The Butterfly Effect podcastA podcast about female sport featuring Mel Jones, Chelsea Roffey, Stefan Grun and guests chatting about little ideas for big change in women’s sport.
  • Australian Women sport and Recreation Association (AWRA): A voice for women and girls in sport.
  • This Girl Can:  National Campaign by Sport England to be inspired by women all around the world
  • Girl's Make Your Move: inspiring, energising and empowering young women to be more active.  There is also a 15-page report on how to tailor your communications to encourage young women to be more active.

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