Role of the Club Administrator

Without club administrators, there would be no clubs, and no football!

From Team Managers to Registrars, there are lots of different roles you can play to lend a helping hand at your local club. You can find job descriptions and details of various roles here. Generally, a club management committee oversees all club operations - from fundraising and recruiting players, to liaising with local council to secure grounds. Typical roles on a club committee are the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Registrar.

Eligibility for Election

An individual must be elected by the club members at the club Annual General Meeting (AGM). For most clubs, this occurs in October at the conclusion of the season. To find you nearest club go to the Find a Club webpage.

How to apply

Often committee members have first served the club in other roles (e.g. marketing and sponsorship officer, team manager etc. ), or have specific skills that are of particular value to the club (e.g. an accountant is an ideal choice to be club treasurer!). To become a committee member, speak to your local club to see what vacancies and skill gaps they have.  To find you nearest club go to the Find a Club webpage, or contact us at

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