Step 8 – Small groups: Creating the detail, Key Focus Areas

Now that the goals and measures of success have been agreed, the desired outcome of Step 8 is to have a first draft of the detailed actions required in each Key Focus Area.

Using the same Key Focus Area Template, the focus shifts to filling in the details of the Key Focus Area Template (Extract below, using the example from Step 6):


The first step would be to focus on developing the Actions (highlighted above in orange) to achieve the desired goal. Each goal will have a set of step by step actions required for each goal to be achieved.


The second step shifts to focus on budget and the timing of completing each Action (highlighted above in blue). The benefits of breaking down actions into this detail are:

  • Clarity for those responsible for the task to understand the boundaries they are allowed to spend within.
  • Clarity on when tasks are required to be completed. This is particularly important for large goals, where others depend on an earlier action being completed.
  • With large projects broken into manageable actions, there may be more people willing to volunteer their time for specific tasks, therefore spreading the load (many hands make light work) and working towards reducing the responsibility on a few volunteers.

By outlining a budget for each action, this not only determines if each goal is achievable with the Club’s finances, but also provides the framework for the Club’s budgets for the period of the Plan.



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