Step 7 – Meeting #3: Confirming/Updating Key Focus Areas

The focus on this meeting is to confirm the goals and measures of success drafted by each Key Focus Area Group.

The aims for this meeting are:

  1. Summary – Update on progress to date
  2. Focus: Are the detailed actions in the Key Focus Area templates on track?
  3. Engagement: Who needs to provide final feedback on the Plan?

The Key Focus Area Template for each group should be tabled with the Strategic Plan Meeting Group ideally one week prior to the meeting to enable time to review and consider the items developed in Step 6.

Download: Meeting 3 PowerPoint Template

The intent is that at the end of this meeting, each Key Focus Area group will reconvene and start developing the detailed actions required to achieve the goals. If there are elements which are requested to be changed, this feedback should be provided to the Key Focus Area Group and Step 6 should be revisited before progressing to Step 8.


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