Step 6 – Small groups: Goals & measures of success, Key Focus Areas

The outcome of Step 6 is to develop draft goals and measures of success for each Key Focus Area for review by the Strategic Plan Meeting Group.

Download: Key Focus Area Template

This section is intended for action by the facilitator for each Key Focus Area. For clarity, each Key Focus Area facilitator organises their own meeting, and follows the process below:

1. Organise your first meeting:

  • Contact group members to introduce yourself and share your contact information.
  • Nominate a preferred day/time and venue (i.e. online or in person)

Note: This process may require multiple meetings of the group to achieve a draft which is ready for review at Step 7.

  • Provide background reading to prepare for the discussion (i.e. Survey results, stakeholder feedback)

2. First Meeting

  • Aim of the meeting: To start identifying the goals and measures of success for your Key Focus Area.

The items are as simple as listing each goal, and how success will be measured (extract from Key Focus Area template below, example):


Discussion on the tabled background materials. Consider:

  • What stands out?
  • Is it similar/different to the Club’s current plan?
  • What do we need to focus on?

    Start building the Key Focus Area template:
    Determining the 2 -5 goals that your group believe need to be a priority.


  • Draft some ‘measures of success’. This will enable the Club to track the success of each goal. Consider creating measurements that are taken periodically – not just at the end of the plan. This will help the Club to engage your Clubs, Members and Stakeholders with progress you are making.

Note: It may require another meeting to develop the goals and measures of success to a point where it is able to be presented to the Strategic Plan Meeting Group for consideration.

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