Step 4 – Stakeholder input

Step 4 is based on the actions developed in Meeting #1 (Step 3). This is an important engagement piece to ensure that your Club Community has the opportunity to be involved in the future direction of your Club.

If the Strategic Plan Meeting Group has opted to survey all Members and Stakeholders, a template list of questions is available for download:

Download: Member and Stakeholder Survey

It is encouraged that specific questions where you need the views of the wider community are canvassed at this point.

Consider whether the Club requests nominations for individuals to facilitate or participate as a member of the Key Focus Area groups. This may assist to gain a wider view of each Key Focus Area and demonstrate wider consultation across the Club.

Regardless of the methods used to engage feedback, it is recommended that the overall process that you are completing is summarised and communicated to Members via your website and at Club events (i.e. AGM). A contact point for queries (likely to be the Project Leader) should be provided should members wish to gain further information.

From the suggestions/feedback received, it is suggested that the Project Leader collate a short summary to verbally deliver at Meeting 2. A template for this to be presented is provided in Step 5.

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