Step 2 – Strategic Plan Meeting Group perception survey

To gain a starting point on the individual views of the Committee Members prior to the first meeting, it is suggested that a Strategic Plan Meeting Group Perception Survey is circulated. This process provides you with the same information as a SWOT analysis, but without the barriers that the words ‘weakness’ and ‘threat’ create to those who are not familiar with this process.

The intent is that the responses are de-identified so that honest responses can be provided. The suggested questions are provided in the downloadable document below. It is encouraged that you utiise any existing survey platforms you use at your Club. Survey Monkey is a free option that may be able to assist you with the collation of this information. Paper based forms are not encouraged as they can be more easily identifiable.

Download: Committee Perception Survey

The Project Leader would then review the information provided by the Strategic Plan Meeting Group Members to gain a greater understanding of the issues, opportunities and focus areas for the next Strategic Plan.

From the information received, collate a short summary for you to verbally deliver at meeting 1. The focus should be on the future; therefore, this process enables the ability to acknowledge what has taken place previously with an eye on the preparation of this plan. A template for this to be presented at Meeting #1 is provided in Step 3.

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