Step 11 – Rollout and continual review


Celebrate the news that your Club has a new Strategic Plan!

Remember to thank all those who have played a role in the process, particularly:

  • Project Leader
  • Committee Members
  • Strategic Plan Meeting Group Members
  • Key Focus Area Facilitators
  • Key Focus Area Group Members
  • Stakeholders (Players, sponsors, parents, volunteers, Council etc)

Share the new Plan with your Club and thank them for their contribution to shaping the future of the Club. Use this as an opportunity to recruit people to select a goal or specific action that they would like to be responsible for or to support.

The way you communicate your Plan will be unique to your Club. When doing so, consider:

  • Opportunities to publicly thank those involved
  • How to get volunteers to action the Plan

Continual review

Now you have an updated Plan, it is important that the hard work is not lost by forgetting about the Plan. To continue with the momentum built in the development of this process, consider:

  • Add Strategic Plan Progress to each agenda of the Committee.

Add columns to the Plan titled Progress and Status (see below, in orange). This helps the Committee to see where support may be needed to complete tasks and forms your Committee papers.



  • Ensure that the Club’s budget and financial reporting factors is based on the Plan. Financial reporting based on the goals of the Plan enables clear tracking and monitoring of progress – another check and balance that things are on track.
  • Adding a 6-monthly review on progress on the Plan. This is a broader discussion on whether updates or amendments to the Plan are required based on changes to the environment or other factors/opportunities.

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