Step 10 – Meeting #4: Approval

The focus on this meeting is to approve the draft Strategic Plan

The aims for this meeting are:

  1. Summary – Update on progress to date
  2. Consideration: Stakeholder feedback and amendments required to the draft plan
  3. Consensus: Endorsement of the Strategic Plan
  4. Summary of Progress & Next Steps

Download: Meeting 4 PowerPoint Template

The Key Focus Area Templates should be merged into one document to form the Club’s draft Strategic Plan. To ensure that all members of the Strategic Plan Meeting Group has had sufficient time to review and consider the draft, it is suggested that the document is tabled for review ideally two weeks prior to the meeting to enable time to review and consider the document.

Given this is a critical meeting in the finalisation of the Strategic Plan process, consider whether it is beneficial to have all representatives of the Key Focus Area groups in attendance at this meeting. If there are areas of clarification, the group members may then be able to provide clarity as to their thinking.


Please note your individual Club’s requirements – Does your Club Committee need to approve the Plan in addition to the Strategic Plan Meeting Group? If so, table the final document ratified at Meeting #4 for the Club Committee to approve.



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