Step 1 – Starting the Process

1. Duration of the Plan

Identify how long the Club Committee would like the Strategic Plan to be in place – for example, 2, 3 or 5 years. Some factors to consider in the duration of the Plan are:

  • Is there a particular project that has a certain timespan that you want to align your focus to (i.e. a Facility improvement)?
  • Are there external factors that are influencing the focus of the Plan (i.e. The impact of COVID-19 requiring a short-term focus, and therefore a 2-year Plan)

2. Appoint key roles

Strategic Plan Meeting Group

Usually Committee Members are the main group of people who would be involved in the four meetings to shape the Strategic Plan. At this stage the Committee is encouraged to consider who else should join these meetings. Additional personnel to consider may be:

  • Technical Director
  • Player representative(s) (of various age groups)
  • Parent representative(s)
  • Those with appointed positions, who may not sit on the Committee (i.e. Sponsorship Coordinator)
  • Ask your Members if they wish to join the group
  • Local community members with specific skills who may be able to add value

There will be additional opportunities for your members to have input into the Plan during steps 4 and 8.


Appointing a member of the Strategic Plan Meeting Group who has expertise or interest in planning, collaboration and engagement is a critical decision in this project. When appointing a person to drive the Strategic Plan, consider the following skills:Project Leader

  • Highly organised and has project management experience
  • Excellent communicator – listens to all opinions
  • Excellent facilitator skills
  • Well respected within the Club or community

Small Group Facilitators - Key Focus Areas

A great way to engage a wider group of Members is to have different facilitators for each Key Focus Area of the Plan.


The Strategic Plan Meeting Group can wait to appoint these facilitators until after the Key Focus Areas are determined. That way, it is more likely to generate enthusiasm based on potential facilitator’s experience and interest.

3. Agree on timelines

Seeking Strategic Plan Meeting Group agreement on timelines can help keep everyone focused and on track. The following table summarises the steps to lead to the completion of your Strategic Plan. Text in italics provides you with some guidance on the time to allow between steps.






4. Committee Meetings

A great way to keep track of progress is to list the Strategic Plan as an agenda item for each Committee Meeting.  

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