Pathways and Development 

Upcoming Courses

Level 3 Referee Course Saturday 9 November (FV HQ)

Level 3 Referee Course FEMALE ONLY Saturday 16 November (FV HQ)

Level 3 Referee Course Sunday November 17 (FV HQ)

Level 2 Referee Course Saturday November 23 (FV HQ)
Level 3 Assessor Course Saturday November 30 (FV HQ)

Level 3 Referee Instructor Saturday December 7 (FV HQ)

Level 2 Assessor Course Sunday December 8 (FV HQ)


Australian Officiating Development Schedule

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Level 1 Referee | Level 2 Referee | Level 3 Referee

Level 1 Assessor | Level 2 Assessor | Level 3 Assessor

FFA Instructor | Level 2 Instructor | Level 3 Instructor


FV provides pathways and opportunity for development to everyone and at various stages of their refereeing career.
There are 2 development streams FV offers for match officials.

1.All nationally recognised upgrading courses for referees, assessors and instructors under the Australian Officiating Development Schedule (AODS).
-This is the national development model for officiating in Australia and describes the career pathways and professional development for all match officials in Australia.

2.FV managed development programs for referees.
-The FV development programs are additional professional development programs to support match officials.