SAP Clubs

Football Victoria recommends that it is best practice for clubs to deliver a SAP program within their already formed U9-12 teams participating in a Football Victoria club competition.

All FV Affiliated Clubs & Associations are eligible for the SAP Club Program. Clubs and Associations may choose to run their SAP Program as either of the following:

  • SAP Teams (regular Team Training for U9-12 Teams in an FV Competition)
  • SAP Training (additional Training Session to regular Team Training)
  • Both (SAP Teams and SAP Training)

All clubs that sign up for the FV SAP Club Program, will receive the following:

  • 1x Sport Session Planner Licence
  • Weekly Training Sessions
  • Home Skill Program Videos
  • Online SAP Coaching Workshop
  • Invitation to register for FV SAP Club Gala Days
    • Post Season (October / November 2021 – TBC)
    • Pre Season (Labour Day – March 2022)

The Training Blocks will be focused around development of the 4 Core Skills (First Touch, Running With the Ball, Striking the Ball, 1v1’s).

The Session Plans will be catered for all levels, with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced session plans provided each week. Home Skill Program Videos will also be provided to compliment the training being received at the club.

Winter SAP (May – August)

The Winter SAP Program will be an 18 Week Offering, split into 3x 6-Week Training Blocks.

The Winter SAP Training Blocks will commence the week of Monday 3rd May, and conclude the week of Monday 30th August.

Summer SAP (September – March)

The Summer SAP Training Blocks will be a 12 Week Offering, split into 2x 6-Week Training Blocks.

These will be split into Post Season and Pre Season Training Blocks, with an FV SAP Club Gala Day to be held at the conclusion of each block.

Program Registration

The FV SAP Club Program breakdown can be found below.

SAP Program

Program Duration

Club Fee

Winter SAP (May – August)

18 Weeks


Summer SAP (September – March)

12 Weeks


Winter & Summer SAP (May – March)

30 Weeks


To register your Club or Association for the 2021 FV SAP Club Program, please complete and make payment at the below Jotform link:

2021 FV SAP Club Program – Registration Form.

Please ensure that you nominate a SAP Program Manager, who will be the direct contact between the Club/Association and Football Victoria for all SAP Club matters.

All SAP coaches are to be registered on Play Football with their respective association/club and team.

Any queries regarding the 2021 SAP Program can be directed to