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Match Record Books

For the 2021 Match Record Book Form for all FV Competitions, all clubs must submit an order form which is available HERE.


Match Records are required for all Junior competition fixtures from Under 12s and above (Boys & Girls), Men's Metropolitan & Masters Leagues. Online Match Records will be used for VPLW, Men's State League & Womens State Leagues. These leagues will not require Match Records to be ordered. 

Player Dispensation Request Form

Player Dispensation for season 2021 is available to request by clicking HERE. Please ensure (1) form is submitted per request and is in line with the 2021 Dispensation Policy.

Match Investigation Form

To submit a Match Investigation Form please CLICK HERE. Please ensure (1) form is submitted per incident and all required fields are appropriately entered.

Player Registrations Forms

Professional Player Contract Forms (National Premier Leagues Only)

National Premier League and National Premier League 1 clubs can download and print the following forms:

Please note that both forms need to be submitted to FV Head Quarters in their original forms, this must happen within one of the designated NPL Registration Windows. They will then be processed by the Registrations Coordinator.


Player De-Registration Refunds

Clubs wanting to void a players registration and receive a refund of the players registration fees.

  • Form must be submitted within 6 weeks of acceptance of players registration via PlayFootball.
  • Player must not have appeared on a match record or been fielded in a game.
  • The form must be submitted before the end of the season.
  • The player should be de-registered in PlayFootball before you submit this form.

Please ensure you refer to the 2021 FV Registration Regulations for more details regarding Player De-Registrations.

Here is the Player Registration Fee Refund Request Form.


Dual Registrations



Player Exemption Requests

Player Exemptions can be requested in the case of one of the following:

  • A Club wanting to register a Player outside of a designated registration period
  • Any other reasonable request

A non refundable $55 administration fee will be charged to the Club for each Player Exemption Request, whether successful or non successful.

A Player Exemption request may only be requested via the Club wishing to register the Player.

Further documentation may be required for a Player Exemption Request to proceed.

Please ensure you refer to the 2021 FV Registration Regulations for any exclusions to a Player Exemption being granted.

To apply, please fill out Player Exemption Request Form (PDF)

Play Football

Online Payment Gateway

The gateway allows your player to pay online using a credit card as they register for your club in Play Football.

The money from this transaction will be deposited directly into your club's nominated bank account.

To set up your club's online payment gateway, please head over to Play Football and fill in the online form.


Domestic Tour

For any match(es) played outside of Victoria, but still within Australia, you will have to complete a Domestic Tours Form.

Please submit this form no less than 3 weeks prior to the commencement of the tour to avoid a late application fee.

Overseas Tour

For any match(es) played outside of Australia you need to complete the Overseas Tours Form.

Please submit no less than 4 weeks prior to the commencement of the tour to avoid a late application fee. You also need to ensure you have the accompanying spreadsheets filled out:

New Club Applications

For more information regarding New Club Applications for please click here.

2020 FV Community Finals

Applications to become a host venue for the 2020 FV Finals (Community Competitions Only) will open in August 2020.

Sports TG

Access Request Form

To request access to SportsTG, please complete the FV/STG Competitions Access Request Form.For more information on SportsTG click on 'Results Entry & Club User Guide'.

VRGF Sporting Clubs Program

Responsible Gambling Charter

Sign-up Form

Sporting Club Program

Sign-up Form