Vale Paul Tucker

The Football Federation Victoria board directors, executive and staff sends its sincere condolences to the family of Paul Tucker and the Sandringham Soccer Club on behalf of the football community.

Sadly, Paul died age 59 on Tuesday August 21 after a number of years battling a terminal illness. He is survived by his wife Terri and sons Max and Sam.

Paul was a much loved member of Sandringham Soccer Club for his infectious enthusiasm for life, and will be remembered for always being a pleasure to be around because of his positivity and friendliness.

In 2015, Paul was awarded FFV Victorian Male Coach of the Year. He always coached one, and sometimes even both teams, that his sons played in during the winter season at Sandringham, and was always very committed to his teams, as well as developing himself as a coach, regularly attending coaching workshops and courses that were made available at the club. He had coached seven seasons at Sandringham as a volunteer prior to receiving the award.