Under-13s commence in 9v9 format in 2021

Following an extensive review, Football Victoria’s competition for under-13 age groups across boys and girls will move to a 9 v 9 format in 2021. 

A detailed analysis of European countries was conducted by Football Victoria’s technical team to compare game formats from under-11s through to under-14s age groups. One of the most important results from this analysis reflected the differences between Victoria and European countries such as Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, etc. who currently play in an 8 v 8 or 9 v 9 format in the under-13 age group.

Based on the findings of the detailed study, the current 11 v 11 game format for under-13s in Victoria was not consistent with that of those from the previously mentioned European countries.

Therefore, based on the thorough research conducted and the advice of FV’s technical team, the changes will drastically improve technical and physical development for players within the age group. 

Among the expected benefits are: 

  • More touches for players 
  • More attacking and defending opportunities 
  • Finishing precision due to smaller goals 
  • More ball work in tight spaces 
  • Realistic opportunity for goalkeepers 
  • Goalkeepers can participate in attacking action 
  • Increased demands physically 


Matches will be played on modified pitches (Min: 60m x 40m Max: 70m x 50m) to accommodate the reduced number of players on the park.  

Goals will be adjusted to an age/pitch appropriate size (2m x 5m). 

The penalty area (10m depth x 20m width) and penalty spot (8m from goal line) will also be modified to match the smaller pitch size. 

Given the changes, Clubs are permitted to use cones, markers or painted lines to outline the field on matchday.