National Volunteer Week: Lyn Toll

It's National Volunteer Week - an opportunity to acknowledge the generous contribution of our football community's volunteers. Thanks to the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation, our spotlight shines today on Lyn Toll.

Lyn is the lifeblood of Geelong Rangers Soccer Club. She has been a member of the club for over 30 years and has spent most of that time running their canteen - which is now named after her - on training days, match days and tournaments.

Lyn is a life member and is idolised by all at the club. She spends most of her days in the clubrooms cleaning and organising - taking on the essential tasks to keep the club running.

Lyn is the club's biggest supporter on match days and can often be heard shouting her support from the canteen hatch. She is always there to turn the lights on, stoke the fire and keep the members fed.

The COVID-19 shutdown has had a huge impact on Lyn's everyday life - she has missed her beloved club, Geelong Rangers SC, terribly this year with the current suspension.

Lyn - your ongoing dedication to your club is unwavering and we're pleased to shortlist you for the Volunteer of the Year Award at the FV Community Awards later this year.

You'll also receive an FV prize pack, and your club will receive an FV training pack, with balls, bibs and cones.

Thank you to Geelong Rangers Soccer Club for nominating Lyn and allowing us to share her story with our community.