Oromo Soccer Tournament a summer success

The Oromo Sports Federation Australia's (OSFA) Oromo Soccer Tournament was a raging success this summer, with the football enthusiasts gathering in numbers to celebrate the world game.

The annual tournament  took place over the new year period, between December 30 and January 2. It featured teams from across Victoria and is one of the OSFA's many initiatives designed to unite Melbourne's thriving Oromo community, which originates predominately from Ethiopia and Kenya.

As a part of FV's commitment to diversity and multiculturalism, FV provided match balls, bibs and other items to assist the tournament's organisers.

OSFA President Fatah Harun was pleased with the outcome, noting FV's support in ensuring the tournament went ahead.

"We really appreciate FV's hard work, commitment and dedication to helping the Oromo Sports Federation's soccer tournament. It was a huge success, especially with the COVID-19 restrictions in place," he said.

Oromo 2
The referees lead players onto the pitch. Photo: Shabo Media

"We thank FV for everything you have done. Our community was delighted and we cannot wait to work with you in future endeavours!"

FV Executive Manager Growth & Inclusion congratulated the Oromo Sports Federation and pledged to support the tournament to continue to grow.

"FV is proud to be able to play a small part in this tournament as it reflects our core values of being an inclusive sport, as well as providing football pathways for people from the Oromo Australian Community.

For more information on Football Victoria Multicultural Program, please visit the link below.

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