KS Foundation and Fitzroy City SC partner for Children with Autism campaign

In November 2020, the KS Foundation partnered with Fitzroy City SC to deliver its Football for Children with Autism campaign.

Led by Western United forward Kaine Sheppard, the program provides children living with autism an opportunity to engage with the world game in a safe and fun environment.

Participation began with a small group that gradually grew week on week and as the numbers surged, so did the confidence of the players.

Every passing week Sheppard and the program’s other organisers were thrilled to see the engagement levels rise, with players getting increasingly involved in the action. Each session began with some light ice-breaker games, stretching and football drills then ended with fun, football themed games designed to ensure every player had the opportunity to get involved.

Karen Pearce, Executive Manager Growth and Inclusion said Football Victoria (FV) is proud to be able to play a small part in the program, as it promotes inclusivity and providing pathways for people of all abilities.

“Football Victoria would like to congratulate Simon, Dana and Kaine from the KS Foundation and the Fitzroy City SC for delivering a brilliant and successful community program. We look forward to watching it continue to grow in 2021,” Pearce said.

For the final session, prizes were handed out and everyone united for a barbecue to socialise and celebrate the conclusion of the program.

For more information on Football Victoria's AAA programs, please visit the link below.

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